Do things quickly.

Turn on Bluetooth.

Connect to WiFi.

Download a menu.

Visit a website.

Download an app.

What are QuickTags?

QuickTags are small strips of metal hidden within stickers or keyrings. They are used to carry out basic processes that you probably do dosens of times a day, but are often more tidious than they ought to be.

These clever little strips of metal are programmed with specific instructions. These instructions can be read by an NFC-enabled device.

NFC? What? Don't worry, it has been about for a while. 'Contact-less' payments via debit cards use the same technology, as do Oyster cards.

We sell a number of different types of QuickTags, each with a different purpose. We can also tailor and build any bespoke QuickTag to suit your needs, for more info on custom tags please get in touch.

Sample Uses

Toggle Bluetooth

Tap your phone against a Bluetooth QuickTag to turn Bluetooth on or off in an instant. Useful for getting in and out of your car when using a Bluetooth headset.

Connect to WiFi

Have visitors often who want to connect to your WiFi network? Pop one of these stickers near your front door and with a tap of their phone or tablet they will be connected.

Download a menu

Put stickers on your tables to allow your customers to download your menu and take it with them.

Visit a website

Put some stickers in your shop window. Passers-by can brush their phone or tablet against the shop window and will be taken to your website.

Download an app

Got an app? Want more downloads? Get the app to go viral with some custom-designed stickers. Place them around the city and get downloads from curious passers-by.